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Quick Tips: Dangers of Password Reuse

April 21, 2021
Quick Tips: Dangers of Password Reuse


Password reuse is a serious threat to any network or service. Through breaches and phishing, criminals gather credentials to use for further attacks. For the same reason not all car keys are identical, passwords should be unique and difficult to bypass.

When Disney+ was launched in late 2019, numerous users were claiming their accounts were “hacked”. This was an example of “credential stuffing” which is just using previously known passwords combined with email addresses to log in to a service. Users in their rush to get to their favorite Disney movie simply used the same password they had for LinkedIn 6 years ago (those have been since compromised).


How to prevent Password Reuse

We get it passwords are hard to come up with and even harder to keep track of. That is why the Secure Point Solutions offers password management for users to both create random passwords and securely store them in an electronic vault.  

Additionally, the use of multi factor authentication is helpful as it then requires an extra step to login. This can help minimize the risk to you if your passwords are obtained by criminals. 

Reach out to Secure Point Solutions for password management and other risk reduction strategies for your small business. 

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